6 Steps to Teach Dog Tricks Easily at Home

Dogs are one of the smartest creatures. They love to learn new tricks and obedience commands. Teaching new tricks to your dog makes them happier, smarter and well behaved all the time. Training your dog and teaching new tricks to your dog increases focus and improve your bonding with your best friend.

Try to work on the Puppy obedience training techniques as often as you can. Dogs love rituals, they love having habits so keep them on a schedule this will help your pet to focus easily what you are teaching.

Start training your puppy immediately now, be confident, he or she will love you more for training him/her.

Keep it FUN

We think training your dog with positive manner is the first key element for success. Either teaching new commands or tricks it should be fun and exciting. How to teach dog to roll over While teaching your dog new tricks think that you and your dog having fun together so making corrections may cause your dog shy or not want to learn more. Keep it fun.

Keep it SIMPLE

Starting with only one trick will help your dog to focus only one thing and can learn easier and faster. After mastering one command or trick then start teaching the other one. Just Keep it simple.

Keep it SHORT

Dogs, especially puppies cannot focus long hours, keeping your training sessions short at the beginning will help you a lot. You do not want your dog to get bored while learning at any time. If you feel any sense of boredom while learning may cause you a problem in the future when you want to teach more boring but necessary helpful dog obedience commands. A few minutes every day will be great for your pet obedience training sessions. Keep it short.


Teaching new tricks and obedience commands takes time. Your dog, puppy is just learning. Do not expect your dog, puppy to learn after showing the trick only one time. Imagine how you feel while you are learning new things, dogs have the same feelings. Learning new things is hard enough for your dog, puppy so be patient.


Dog obedience training and new tricks seems easy and sounds may be even easier but your dog, puppy is just heard about it. Keep doing the trick always from the beginning. Use exactly same tone and same words so that your dog associates the move with your words and tone. Be consistent on your training everyday few minutes.

Praise, Praise and Reward

After doing the tricks or obedience commands always praise your dog enthusiastically. Cheerful and motivated voice helps your dog to understand that whatever I am doing the right thing. Your dog will do the trick all the time whenever you say the trigger words. Remember to give a small treat after the praise. Rewarding helps your dog to understand everything is going well.

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