Candida Zapper – What Is It?

I think most you have heard about candida zapper, it is a way to get your parasites inside your body killed. But still, this article is made to address basic questions that people are still asking inside my inbox. So what is the zapper, and how does it work? Where do you get one, and what symptoms does it work on?

According to Dr. Hulda Clark, an inventor and researcher and medical doctors, the zapper will eliminate all parasites and viruses in the body.

A zapper is a little black box, which houses a battery (9 volt), with two wires extending out of it. Each wire has a copper cylinder or wrist strap on the end. You hold a cylinder in each hand, or put the wrist straps on and a low voltage current runs through your body. buy parasites cleanse It is painless and probably risk free. Details about the zapper appear in Dr. Hulda clark’s book: the cure for all diseases.

I don’t know if I agree that killing parasites rids us of all disease, but it sure helps. Dr. Clark also recommends certain herbal parasite killers, too. And Dr. Clark has great information about environmental pollutants in the home, etc., which is very helpful. Search on the web for more info.

I do three sessions of zapping per day, about 1.15 hours each. It’s perfectly safe to do it, although perhaps you’ll herx more.

I also saw a review of zappers on the net and the results were that zapper is the least expensive and gave the best results.

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