Helpful Tips to Enjoy A Compatible Date with Trans Woman

In this digital era, shemales can be found on dating sites or you can book one via an escort agency. Are you looking to experience a fantasy or just a fling? Be clear of your aim before you start looking around. You don’t desire to give heartache or create uncomfortable moments. Be clear and honest!

Before hitting the scene, you must know about the trans woman you are interested in booking. So, do some research to avoid being a jerk? If you desire to pursue a love relationship then remember TS women accompany an individual set of challenges than the cis-women.

Helpful tips to become a compatible love partner with TS woman

Google search is the best way to get relevant answers

The date with TS is not similar to a Wikipedia. Trans-women are not your gender guides or teachers. No one desires to have a heavy discussion on their date when both can enjoy a glass of wine. Google everything related to gender identity, so you can avoid awkward talks. There is plenty of knowledge tools, so even get educated about your liabilities.

Never allow porn movies to be your sex study guide

TS-women struggle with huge barriers like workplace discrimination and the poverty factor is highest amongst them. Research reports that trans-women are the highest demographic that adapt sex trade in exchange for finding a meaningful job. Trans-women starred porn movies are also top-sellers amongst straight males. Remember, the adult entertainment industry is unrealistic, so recognize the respectful labels.

Indirect compliments are offensive

‘Wow, I don’t believe you were a guy—you look so feminine!’ or ‘Your skin is smooth like a female’. This kind of backhanded compliment is RUDE! The message conveyed is that you are being conned or tricked by a disguise. Transgender likes to be perceived as a woman and not as anything else.

She did not undergo surgery to date straight guys

It is an assumed myth that TS women change to con straight guys into sleeping with them. This sordid form of illiteracy is sensationalized in films and TV. There are TS lesbians, who are attracted to women but remain the same even after sexual orientation.

Sexuality & gender is different

Dating TS does not mean a guy is gay. It also doesn’t mean the guy has to be bi-sexual. In simple terms, a guy attracted to a TS-woman means you are attracted to a woman. TS woman is a woman—-end of the story. Sex and gender are confusing terms. Both differ! The first is fluid, while the latter is biological. Sexual orientation depends on your attraction towards a gender. For example, a cis woman or man attracted to TS doesn’t change their sexual identity.

TS women deserve to be treated respectfully like every other female

TS women are always bombarded with awkward questions like ‘Do you have a vagina? When did you start feeling your breasts grow?’ If you want to make the most of your time with your TS date then before opening your mouth think what kind of conversation you would have with a cis-gender woman.

Trans-women like to have fun and enjoy being taken to a concert, movie or a disco club. Being TS does not mean you can abuse them. She also has high standards!

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