How Much For That Designer Dog Collar in the Window?

With such a wide variety of dog collars available to buy, it is worth knowing the price you can expect to pay for the various different designs.

If your budget is towards the top end of the market, then a hand made dog collar is a great idea. Your dog will be the envy of the park as it parades round in a uniquely designed collar. These can start from $100 for a basic leather design, but there are also collars using semi-precious stones for around $125 to $175, as well as those using actual diamonds!

A number of companies have created ‘charm’ style collars; these elegant designs can have anything from bones to handbag charms jangling from the collar and can really show off your dog’s personality. Copper kettle¬†Again, the prices vary from $100 to $300, with the final price often depending on the size you require.

For a cheaper option that still keeps its style, why not try a personalised dog collar? These stylish designs can sometimes even kill two birds with one stone as it acts as a form of personal identification, too.

If your pooch isn’t fussed by the glittery designs, a simple patterned collar always looks good. These are available in an immense number of styles such as tartan, camouflage, leopard skin… the list is endless. For these collars you can pay as little as $8, but more robust collars will be more.

Finally, if you are so inclined then nothing beats a collar that you’ve made yourself. You can ensure costs are kept within your budget with a design tailored to your own dog.

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