How to Keep Your Pet a Secret From Home Buyers

As a proud owner of two dogs and a cat, I understand when homeowners are hesitant about removing their pets during the home selling process. It’s hard to see past the hairy couch where they cuddle up next to you while watching your favorite show, those chewed-up spots on your molding during their teething phase, or toys flung all over the place after playing fetch (yes even my cat can fetch). That’s why many times Realtors end-up with a snapshot of their client’s furry little friends, rather than those magnificent built-ins.

Unfortunately, animals don’t sell a home and in many cases they hinder the buyer from even considering the property. how to cut cat nails with human clippers According to the Humane Society, more than half of homeowners don’t own pets, making it clear that not every buyer is going to be animal friendly.

Before putting your home on the market, get an honest assessment from a home stager, neighbor, or friend to determine what needs to be done to conceal your animals from potential buyers. Here are some products to manage your pets during the selling process.

Curb appeal is top priority during the selling process and when your 4-legged friend decides to use your front lawn as their bathroom, brown spots can appear. The chemical balance of dog urine burns the grass. While watering the grass often deters stubborn spots, you can also use Dogonit (the cure) to help repair your grass.

Inside, pet hair and odor are the biggest problems. Odors can make or break a deal. If your home smells, don’t plan on having buyers stay long. To avoid litter box odor use The Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box it scoops away the contents and contains the smell for weeks at a time. You can also use Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Super Gel, safe for people and pets by using five essential oils to neutralize unwanted odor.

For pet hair, homeowners should vacuum their house daily. Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum is amazing it not only promotes cleaner air but the vacuum doesn’t lose suction. Make sure to vacuum the furniture as well since you never know when a buyer may stop by. To help keep up with shedding use The FURminator it removes your pet’s undercoat and can reduce shedding by 90-percent.

Like pet hair, you want to maintain their nails to avoid scratches on your hardwood floor, carpet or furniture. Pedi Paws is one of the safest ways to cut their nails without hurting them.

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