Is masters degree in UK worth it?

A masters degree in UK is all about fast pace and big adjustments. You need to have plenty of time to work steadily and to pace yourself but the thing is that the hardwork when it comes to masters programmes pays off. The learning can be instensive because it’s just a year long, this equals to lower tuition costs and starting off the career sooner than later.

Independance when it comes to studies. When you compare mastersprogramme in UK with the masters programme in USA, you’ll see that the former is way more independent. The courses offered are research based  and need individual studies. Many of the mastersprogrammes in UK require regular meetings with advisors, which means that you’ll get constant guidance to focus more. The best part is that there are few exams but regular routines, which will make sure that you’re keeping up with the work with full responsibility.

This can be difficult for anyone who is struggling with the sheer problem of procrastination. This style is prefect if you’re all about independence. Studying in the United Kingdom can be self sufficient and self motivating because no one is out there telling you what to do all the time. Of course, masters programs in England may not be for everyone. While it can be an exciting opportunity for growth, there are always struggles that follow. Here are a few.

  • The cost of living. The cost of living in the UK is extremely high and can cost you a good amount. Some say that universities abroad can leave you in debt for a very long time. The tuition cost can be lesser in comparison to other countries but there are also numerous other costs which are important to keep you on your feet. A Cambridge University might cost you about twelve thousand dollars to study but on top of all this, you will need to not only pay for utilities, flights, food and rent. A one bedroom flat alone can cost you thousands of dollars a month. A meal outside will set you back by ten pounds which isn’t possible anywhere else in the UK.

Its always a good idea to look at all the costs before deciding on how the financial decision will affect your post graduate studies. If you’re all set on an idea for masters in the United Kingdom, then make sure you have a scholarship or some grant to support you financially.

Always double check to make sure that the degree is valid in the home country. With any degree you earn abroad, you need to put in a good amount of research to ensure that the degree will be accepted when you’re back to apply and look for more jobs. All this depends on the field of application as well. Subjects like physics and mathematics are highly classified and revered but specialized fields like archeology might not be taken seriously in foreign countries. Numerous US schools put a lot of emphasis on teaching while doing a mastersprogramme but it’s not the same with UK schools. A GMAT coaching in bangalore means you’ll get a good college if you’re dedicated and a masters degree there is short and to the point so it is very important go get into and look at the requirements that is expected out of your career path to know if the masters plan in England is beneficial or not.

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