The White Mamba: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

It really is an unfortunate day for basketball fans as the former Chicago Bulls Forward, Brian Scalabrine, has chosen to hang up his jersey for good. Scalabrine’s fame started in Boston, but has skyrocketed when he signed a deal with Chicago in 2010 and has since then been called the infamous “White Mamba.”

So what makes him so popular among the basketball fans? Come on, you really don’t need to be good in math to be able to come up with an appropriate analysis of his stats. Throughout his 11-year stint in the league, you really do have to wonder why he lasted this long. basketball legends His career average points per game are only 3.1 with an average of 13 minutes (only six minutes per game in his last three seasons) and yet, he has managed to form a pop culture brand of his own. Why?

These are just numbers and, sometimes, numbers don’t really add up to what a player’s true value is.

Think of how he ended up with the Bulls together with Coach Tom Thibodeau. Being an all-around bench warmer has given him new found perspectives about the game that very few players come to have thus, becoming very valuable to the coaching staff. Scal knows Thibodeau’s playbook better than any other player on the Bulls’ roster and has been very instrumental in helping young starters (such as D. Rose and J. Noah) to understand how the coach’s system works.

That’s the very reason Scalabrine has been offered to be under Coach Thibodeau’s staff as an assistant, but he declined this because he just didn’t want the stress and demanding schedule that came with the said position. He did say though that he would consider being an assistant or head coach at either USC, Washington or Oregon because he enjoys the Pac 12 and how their system is, also citing numerous ties to high school and college coaches in the area.

But for all of you fans out there, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to catch a glimpse of the White Mamba in action, but not where you are used to seeing him on the bench. Rather, he’ll be on the sidelines as a broadcaster for the Celtics, a job which he has done as a guest role throughout the 2012 playoffs.

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